Sweetie Pups Identification Guide

When I was about six or seven years old, one of the neighbor kids had this adorable toy collie dog.  Always a big fan of Lassie, I thought this toy was one of the greatest things I'd ever seen.  We used to "trade" toys for a few days, and I remember being so excited when he let me trade something for the "Lassie."  I remember looking for her in the toy aisles of all the stores because I wanted her so badly, but I was never able to find her.  Another little girl that I knew had a similar dog (long brushable hair, fuzzy face), so I knew there were more out there somewhere.

Until one day about ten years later.  I was going through the toys at a Salvation Army, looking for abandoned and abused Breyer horses (my other toy-related hobby) when I saw her.  My beloved "Lassie" was sitting on a shelf with the other toys, staring at me with her big eyes and begging me to take her home.  So I did.

When I got home and inspected her I was happy to find that she was in near-perfect condition.  I set her on a shelf with my other childhood toys and didn't think much about her.  Eventually she got packed up with all the other toys and left in a Rubbermade bin in the garage.

Fast forward about another five years.  On a whim, I dug through some of those old toys and there she was, looking up at me with those big eyes and begging to be brought into the light again.  I brushed her hair and inspected her for damage, and in so doing,  noticed that one of the "paw prints" on the bottom of her feet was stamped with "Hasbro, 1989." 

Using Google's image tab, I searched until I found out that my collie dog was part of a line of toys called Sweetie Pups, and that Hasbro had produced Sweetie Kitties as well.  Naturally, I wanted to know what the other dogs and cats all looked like, so I searched for an ID site.  There was none to be found.  I found lots of toy sites that could identify a dog as a Sweetie Pup, but no sites designed specifically for Sweetie Pups and their collectors.  I founds posts in various forums where other collectors had searched in vain for an ID site, so I took it upon myself to create one.  I hope this site is a helpful resource for all the Sweetie Pups and Sweetie Kitties collectors out there.

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